Reasons to Use a Telecom Consultant

Handling telecommunications issues properly is vital for every business on the planet. Businesses must be able to stay in constant contact with their customers, suppliers, and business partners. When internal communications break down, havoc is sure to ensue. A telecom consultant acts as a liaison between your company and the carrier that you select. Here are the top five reasons to enlist their services:

  1. You won’t have to deal with multiple company sales people – If you request pricing from five different providers, you’re going to have to conduct at least five fact finding meetings, sit through five presentations and then field follow up calls from five different sales reps. If you work through a telecom consultant, that person can shelter you from all the meetings and follow up.
  2. Telecom Agents Work with Multiple Carrier Companies Since they aren’t tied to a single company, agents can use their expertise to get you the best deal for your individual needs. Since some carriers are regional, a good agent may be able to get you everything you want at a better price than you thought possible. Being able to compare a variety of solutions means that you will be able to make a more informed decision.
  3. Consultants Have the Resources to Resolve Technical Problems During Installation Most business owners aren’t experts when it comes to telecommunications. A good agent operates with an installation checklist. He’ll ensure that your phone lines are properly tagged during installation and understands that some work must be completed by a company different from the one you are contracting with for service. You can eliminate downtime when an expert oversees the installation.
  4. Telecom Consultants provide ongoing customer support – Have you ever spent an entire morning on the phone with the phone or cable company?  Is there anything more frustrating or a bigger waste of your time?  Imagine if you could make one short call to your telecom consultant and be done with it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone on your side that follow through and remedy your situation?
  5. Contracts for CarrierSales Don’t Have to Be One-Sided Business owners who negotiate the terms of an often complex telecommunications contract frequently feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of technically driven verbiage. Having an expert on hand to explain the intent provides the leverage you need to get a more favorable contract. When it comes to technical data, the more informed you are, the better the final deal will be.
  6. A Solid Telecommunications Contract Will Help You Move to and Utilize the Cloud To create an optimally configured and well-integrated Cloud environment, you will need to tweak the package you contract for with your carrier. Unfortunately, experts in the area of Cloud computing and networking remain in short supply. By contracting with an agent, you receive the benefit of their experience if you plan on migrating your business onto a Cloud platform. Some carriers’ agents specialize in both. Set up an appointment with one of these agents to maximize the fit for your organization.
  7. You Pay Nothing for the Expert Services of a Telecom Consultant The agent that you choose to work with is paid by the carrier on a monthly basis. The happier you are with the carrier’s services that you purchase, the longer they will receive their monthly check. This arrangement actually provides the motivation to get you the best deal. Internal sales agents who work directly for the carrier are paid one time when the sale is completed. The higher your monthly bill is, the more they receive in their one-time commission. In contrast, an independent telecom agent looks out for your interests.
  8. Telecom consultants get better pricing:  The common misconception is that telecom consultants add to the cost of the services they sell.  The opposite is true.  Carriers have many different price points – some are readily available and some aren’t.  The carrier’s pricing managers require documentation before they’ll release their most aggressive pricing.  Who do you think has more access to carrier pricing, an agent – who can represent multiple companies or a direct rep – who works for one company?If you’re working with a direct rep, that person is dependent on you for pricing examples to take back to his pricing department.  As soon as you comply, you’ve shown your cards.  All the carrier has to do is beat the other pricing by a small amount or use sales tactics to overcome pricing differences.  Telecom consultants, on the other hand, have access to everyone’s pricing; the carriers understand that and act accordingly.

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