Is Your Network Ready for Cloud Phone Service (VOIP)?

The OfficeSuite Readiness Tool Detects Networking Issues to Accelerate VoIP Installation and Ensure Reliability

RYE BROOK, N.Y. – Broadview Networks®, a leader in cloud-based unified communications (UC) and information technology services, has introduced the OfficeSuite® Readiness Tool, which confirms that a site is ready for a hosted phone system and avoids problems after installation. Over a seven-day period during both peak and non-peak utilization, it measures all internal company networks and network access connections to verify how well network-based services like VoIP can be supported.

“Companies looking to move their communication services to the cloud, or grow the cloud-based communication services they have, should not do it blindly,” said Stephen Farkouh, Broadview’s Executive Vice President. “There is simply too much to gain in proactively testing networks. The OfficeSuite Readiness Tool solution, which simulates voice calls over multiple days from the local LAN all the way into Broadview’s OfficeSuite cloud, makes it easy to do just that.”

Unlike the vast majority of testing tools that only measure network access or internet access bandwidth at a single moment in time, the OfficeSuite® Readiness Tool measures a range of attributes critical to supporting network-based services every 15 minutes over a seven-day period. The tool then analyzes the results of each test to determine voice quality based on the data and media received.

Over the test period for nontechnical users, Broadview’s tool provides a summary of easy-to-understand voice quality indicators, including poor internet connections, incorrectly configured routers and improperly designed internal networks. The summary supplements the detailed graphs and tables that allow a much deeper understanding of root problems. The tool then offers recommendations on how to make adjustments to improve voice quality before installing a new OfficeSuite UC© system. The OfficeSuite® Readiness Tool also detects and reports on

  • mean opinion score (MOS), a numerical quality score representing the perceived voice quality on a network after being transmitted based on a combination of all the data transmission parameters;
  • detected latency, the measured time for a data packet to get from one designated point to another, to avoid poor audio quality associated with network delay; and
  • jitter, the variability of latency over time, which causes the sound received over a network to no longer reflect exactly what was said, resulting in poor or scrambled audio.

“The OfficeSuite Readiness Tool is the ultimate way to guarantee a successful installation of a Broadview hosted solution,” “This is the only tool of its kind—it’s powerful, intuitive and extremely easy to operationalize around. The combination of both the tool and training provided by Broadview make for a successful relationships between Broadview, agents and customers.”

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